Our Studio
Studio closure until 27th January. We'll continue offering livestream classes to support you during this time.

Our Studio

Purposefully designed customer journey

Our studio is made for you. Every detail in the 5,000-square-foot studio has been purposefully designed to optimise your mental wellbeing; making it seamless for you to detach from, and re-enter into, the outside world with a clearer, calmer and stronger mind.

Designed to comply with WELL gold standard

Our studio has been designed to comply with the WELL gold standard. WELL is an internationally recognised leading standard for built environments that impact human health and overall wellbeing. RESET monitors have been placed throughout the studio to monitor indoor air quality, temperature and humidity. By adopting these global standards, we have created a space that feels safe, serene and as such, enhances your overall meditation experience with us.


Our mats and seats have been thoughtfully designed to provide utmost comfort. We have also taken care of the acoustics, making it easier for you to settle into your inner world.

Innovation and technology

We have introduced state-of-the-art devices to control the mood setting of the meditation rooms and implemented circadian lighting in the lounge - a lighting system that has the power to positively affect your overall mental well-being. Whether you head to the lounge to take in the expansive scenic view of nature or settle in our rooms to develop your practice, at Bird we aim to create a memorable experience for you.