Bird teacher: Kit Lee
‘Meditation is the secret to flowing with modern day challenges.’
Kit Lee

Kit Lee

Kit is a certified McLean Meditation Institute Meditation & Mindfulness Coach and an experienced sound therapist. She has deep experience teaching mindfulness practices to working professionals. Kit is passionate about learning and deepens her practice by attending regular retreats. Professionally, Kit holds a senior executive position for a leading global Fortune 10 company. She graduated from University of Southern California, USA with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.

When did you start meditating?

I started meditating 4 years ago when I was mentally and emotionally lost. I was negative and complained a lot. I was working tirelessly around the clock juggling different time zones and commuting 3 hours a day. I knew I couldn’t sustain this quality of life and that’s when I tried meditation.

Why do you meditate?

Meditation is training your brain, just like exercising for your physical body. Scientists have found that we can rewire our brain and I have experienced it firsthand. I cannot show you the physical and mental changes, but I’ve certainly felt it (and it was profound). It helps me develop focus, improve my memory, tap into my intuition, find my emotional balance and have higher satisfaction in life. Meditation is the secret to flowing with modern-day challenges.

What is your meditation tip?

When you encounter something that is not going your way at work, instead of becoming angry or caught up in the emotion (which isn’t productive anyways), shift your focus to something positive, e.g. remind yourself one thing you are grateful for. Just like in meditation, we are learning to shift our attention back to the focus, you can also choose what you want to focus on. Whatever you focus on, grows.

Book recommendations

Soul-Centered (Sarah McLean)
How God Changes Your Brain (Andrew Newberg, MD)
Fully Present (Susan Smalley & Diana Winston) Being with Dying (Joan Halifax)