Bird teacher: Viv Kan
'Allow yourself to create space in your mind every day, to make room for the important things in life.'
Viv Kan

Viv Kan

Viv is a Corporate Wellness Coach and a 500RYT Yoga Instructor. She’s also a certified Mindfulness Life Coach and a Mental Health First Aider. She received advanced training from Downward Dog Toronto, YYoga, Yandara Institute, and continues to obtain certifications for mindfulness and wellbeing programmes internationally. Prior to focusing on wellness coaching full-time, Viv worked in the finance and fintech sector. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Toronto.

When did you start meditating?

I started to meditate whilst working full time in finance and started to teach yoga and meditation part-time, before attaining my certification in mindfulness life coaching and starting my own business. Meditation helped me disconnecting from my busy work life, reconnecting to my inner-self and my students. 

Why do you meditate?

Meditation is my medicine to heal from within and opens doors to a more empathetic and compassionate way of living. Often times we are so disconnected from ourselves and others that we’ve lost our sense of intuition. Not only does meditation allow us to reconnect to our deeper selves and be more aware of the present moment, it literally changes the structure of our brain with consistent practice. It trains our minds to focus, improves our cognitive function, reduces stress and anxiety, and can increase our IQs. The beauty of meditation is that it can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone and can have profound effects on our internal and external world.

What is your meditation tip?

When you’re feeling nervous (i.e. job interview, getting a vaccine shot, or public speaking), close your eyes and count your inhales and exhales up to 5 seconds each - it will bring your body and mind to a relaxed state.

Book recommendations

Atomic Habits (James Clear)
Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle (Emily Nagoski)
The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success (Deepak Chopra)