Class Types

Class Types

Class Types

Learn how each class can help you.


This is suitable for even the “I can’t meditate” amongst us. Based on the breath, the class offers simple and effective tools to move away from your thoughts and help you achieve a sense of calm and clarity.


This seated class trains your attention by directing your focus to a single object. This could be the breath, sounds or body sensations. If you find that your mind wanders, you will simply be invited to refocus your attention on the object. With repeated practice, you will cultivate a greater level of concentration.


This lying down body-scan practice encourages your body and mind to drift into a deep relaxation, while staying mindfully alert. You can expect more energy as you move through your day and better quality sleep. Think of it as hitting the reset button.


This practice uses the power of sound waves and vibrations to nourish the mind and body. Specific frequencies are used to support healing on a cellular level. It works to lift tension, promote relaxation and restore balance. Note: Not suitable for pregnant women