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Devon House studio

Quarry Bay

2205, 22/F, Devon House,
Taikoo Place
979 King’s Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

The closest MTR station is Quarry Bay, and nearest exit is A.

Tel: +852 2813 5599

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I arrive?
When you arrive, you can check in at reception, store your phone in one of the lockers provided and if you have time, head to the lounge to relax before your class. Our reception team will let you know the room location of your session. When it’s time to go into your session, remove your shoes and store belongings (racks and lockers available), head to the room and take any available spot. For seated practices (Breath, Focus), you can either sit on one of the cushion sets (The square one on the floor is called a zabuton. The smaller one is called a zafu.) or take a seat on the benches along the perimeter of the room. For lying down classes (Restore, Sound), select a meditation bed and get comfortable.
Are there changing rooms?
We do not provide changing rooms. Practising meditation does not require any special clothing, every day attire is suitable. Please come as you are.
Where can I put my belongings?
We have lockers available for your belongings and small lockers with charging ports to store your phone. The reception team can also help you store large bags and luggage that do not fit into the lockers.

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