Our classes are now online!

Our classes are now online!

Our classes are now online!


At Bird, we continue to find ways to support you during these uncertain times. From wherever you are, you can book an online class and experience the benefits of meditation through our simple and effective 30-minute livestream classes led by Bird teachers.


Each livestream class is 1 credit. First-time visitors get 2 credits for free.


Meditation is proven to help build resilience to modern-day life stressors. With so many distractions and much unpredictability right now, a regular practice can train your brain to be less reactive to negative events, and help you respond with a calmer and clearer mind.


During the closure period of Bird Devon House studio, your current unlimited pass or monthly plan is still valid if you choose to use it. Alternatively, we will continue to pause your pass/plan, whichever you prefer. Please contact us at hello@birdmeditation.com if you would like to reactivate your package to book online classes.


Here's how to book an online class:


  1. Decide which class you want to book, from the schedule
  2. Each livestream class is 1 credit. Select your payment plan. First-time visitors get 2 credits for free
  3. We’ll email you a link 30 minutes before the start of your class. Our online classes can be easily accessed from your laptop, tablet or phone
  4. Sign-in to your Mindbody account through the link to gain access to the class
  5. You will see a blank screen before the start of the class. A green ‘join’ button will appear a few minutes before the class. Click this button to join the class


If you have any questions, we’re here to help.


We look forward to seeing you online.


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