We offer flexible payment options that best fit your needs.

Your meditation journey starts here

We have two options to help you get started.

Meditation made simple class

A complimentary class to learn all about meditation from our experts. We’ll cut through the complexity of the practice to help you gain a simple understanding of what meditation is, how to get started, and why it’s worth it. The class will also include a 10-minute practice.

* Applies to first-time visitors.

Discovery Pack

Interested in meditation but not sure where to start? This pack gives you 11 credits to help you get started and find the technique that suits you best. Our team will support you throughout, with weekly tips and incentives to keep you motivated.

See more details here.

Monthly Plan

Congratulations on committing to a regular meditation practice. When you subscribe to a monthly payment plan, you have the flexibility to book any class you want with the credits you have. The number of credits deducted will depend on class type. There is no contract, and you have the option to cancel any time.

4 credits
320 HKD

Includes 4 credits
2-4 classes per month


12 credits
640 HKD

Includes 12 credits
4-12 classes per month


24 credits
960 HKD

Includes 24 credits
8-24 classes per month


Frequently Asked Questions

How are credits allocated?
Each class type has different credits allocated to them. You can book a:

30-minute livestream class for 1 credit
15-minute immersion class for 1 credit
30-minute in-studio class for 2 credits
50-minute in-studio class for 3 credits
Can the credits be rolled over?
Credits do not roll over. They are valid within the subscription month.
I do not want to commit to a monthly plan yet, can I drop in?
Yes you can. Our drop-in prices are..
20-min immersion: HK$100
30-min class: HK$200
50-min class: HK$300
Please contact us to book or learn more.
How do I cancel my monthly plan?
You can cancel your plan any time by emailing us at
Note that your monthly plan will end a day before the next billing cycle starts.

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